Privacy Policy - Self-catering accommodation Knysna, Garden Route
Forest Edge - Knysna Self catering Accommodation
Rest assured: Privacy is our forte

Forest Edge Privacy Policy

When potential guests contact us via phone or e-mail or they enquire via any of the automated mechanisms available, we clearly have access to means by which to contact them back.

We, at Forest Edge, respect the privacy of information and will never share, sell or pass on private / contact information to any 3rd party not directly linked with the management and marketing of Forest Edge.

The same holds true for contact information provided to us when you subscribe to become a member of our Giftclub, or our Last-minute announcement service, which means that we are building up a list of contacts of people that requested information from us.  You will also always be presented with the opportunity to unsubscribe, after which we will remove your information completely.

So, rest assured, our privacy policy will protect your information.

Knysna Self Catering Accommodation
Knysna Self Catering Accommodation