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FairyDen Cottage

Private Hide-away Haven

Fairy Den cottage is a STANDARD level cottage. See detailed facilities here.  These cottages offer excellent value for money.

Fairyden offers the clean, comfortable, benchmark standards that have won so many awards for Forest Edge over the years. It has everything you’d expect from an excellent self-catering plus extras like DVD, fireplace, hammock, m/w, hairdryer etc. Fairyden has 2 single beds in the second bedroom, a dining counter in the dining area and a pretty garden area in front of the cottage.

It is at the Western end of the 5 cottages at Forest Edge, furtherest from the Forest Edge Reception and the only passersby are guests who visit the Woodcutter graves or Donkeys, or staff with operational business in our separate water / tools / wood processing camp. Due to it being quieter especially at dawn or dusk, there is a slightly increased chance of seeing visiting forest wild life. The cottage is quite close to the indigenous Sanparks forest. This cottage is very popular with budget honeymooners or those wanting to be as private as possible.

VIEWS OF COTTAGE FROM THE OUTDOORS: View of the cottage from the garden - from the front and from behind left.
Fairy Den cottage - view of the cottage from the garden in front
FairyDen cottage - view of the cottage from the garden behind
Fairy Den cottage butterfly - Forest Edge cottage butterfly at Fairy Den cottage. Guest photo - courtesy Andrew Teversham
Fairy Den cottage water feature - Forest Edge cottage water feature at Fairy Den cottage
Fairy Den cottage kingfisher - Forest Edge cottage kingfisher at Fairy Den cottage, rich birdlife
VIEWS FROM THE STOEP: Table and chairs, hammock, braai, water feature, pet fence. First towards the left, then towards the right.
Fairy Den cottage - view from the stoep towards the left / west
Fairy Den cottage - view from the stoep towards the right / east
VIEWS OF BEDROOMS: Main bedroom (Double) & Second Bedroom with high quality mattressed single beds (additional mattresses/cot & bedding provided if 5th person, usually a child)
Fairyden cottage - main bedroom with a double bed, antique wardrobe and view of forest
Fairy Den cottage - second bedroom with 2 single beds with high quality mattresses, dresser, bedside table and lamp, fan, heater
VIEWS OF BATHROOM FACILITIES: Indoor bathroom with romantic victorian slipper bath, separate loo (not shown), outdoor hot water shower
Fairy Den cottage - the romantic victorian slipper bath - a winner with our guests
Fairy Den cottage - outdoor shower, shielded by a double fence
VIEWS OF LIVING AREAS: Lounge with 2-seater, single-seater and occasional chair, Fully equipped kitchen, counter, open hearth fireplace, tv / dvd and a library of books and dvds
Fairyden cottage - lounge with open-hearth fireplace, tv/dvd, library of books and dvds
Guest photo - courtesy Jon Amira; Fairy Den cottage bathroom sign - Forest Edge cottage victorian bath sign at Fairy Den cottage, with victorian slipper bath
Fairy Den cottage fireplace - Forest Edge cottage fireplace in Fairyden cottage
Fairy Den cottage dining counter - Forest Edge cottage dining counter of Fairy Den cottage, plus there is a table and chairs on veranda

*** IMPORTANT: Please note that we do NOT under any circumstances guarantee a specific cottage where there are more than one available in a specific cottage class. You are welcome to indicate your first and second choice as we obviously want to make you happy where we can, but it is impossible to place all guests in the cottage they want, if it happens to be the same cottage! A shift to a different cottage may be necessitated in the case of an unforseen operational challenge like a burst geyser, for example.

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