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Homtini Cycling Trail

Knysna forest mountain-biking / forest trail map

Knysna Forest: mountain biking and cycling trails for every fitness level. From a gentle ride down the farm roads to a fairly technical ride on one of the official trails – there is a range of trails near Forest Edge to choose from. Also see:
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The Homtini Cycling Trail: This 19km circular route starts and ends at Krisjan-se-Nek picnic area in the Millwood Forest. Most of the Forest Edge guests who make use of our Knysna Forest Mountain Biking Package do this trail before any other. Note that Knysna Forest cycling trails require a nominal entry fee at the Sanparks entry boom or relevant kiosks. Below follows the official Sanparks Map and notes on this trail; this is the Sanparks flyer scanned in for your convenience – for more info on Sanparks cycling trails, contact Sanparks on 044 – 3025606.

Knysna Self Catering Accommodation
Knysna Self Catering Accommodation

In case you are struggling to read the above: this mountain biking trail includes single-track sections, it is 19km long and starts and ends at Krisjan-se-Nek (about 3km from Forest Edge)there is a tough climb between kilometres 5 and 9, there is shade parking for your car. There is scenic high forest, fynbos and plantations. There is a swimming spot just before a very tough climb that can take up to 40 min to crest. From the top there is a stunning view over the Knysna River gorge, Lilyvlei Forest and the Knysna Heads in the distant background, later on the Millwood Goldfields. It traverses sections of wet forest and a white-water stream. It takes the rider of average fitness about 2 hours, but to enjoy the scenery, aim for 3 hours. The route roughly follows: Millwood road, Pomp-se-Pad, Deurpad, Lawnwood River, Portland heights, Boer-se-Pad, back to Millwood road.

These pics of the Knysna Forest Homtini Cycling Trail map and directions are sourced from Sanparks and are subject to change. We will update them whenever we become aware of changes; if you notice anything outdated, please let us know.

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*** The Homtini Cycling trail is an excellent route to enjoy, right here on the Forest Edge doorstep in the Knysna Forest. More than the exhilaration of a good mountain biking trail, the beauty of the route will elevate your spirit. Nothing beats cycling in the forest.

Why not consider Forest Edge for your next trip to the Garden Route? You can look forward to the comfort of a private, fully equipped, award-winning and affordable Knysna accommodation self-catering cottage, from where to enjoy the gifts of the Knysna area, including these stunning cycling trails. Come take a Forest Ride or just meander around the lovely safe farm roads in the area.

Marc Coetzer, who has done this trail countless times over several years, wrote:

Being prepared before going out on a mountain biking expedition involves some planning. Finding breathtaking mountain biking pathways is a passion for many riders. Relaxing around beautiful forest chalets and exploring all the biking alleys are enjoyed by many.

“I cycle the Homtini route directly from Forest Edge as the start is situated so nearby. A quick visit to the Sanparks permit hut en-route and off you go. The route takes you through some of the most beautiful natural forest and awesome scenic vistas! One can see for miles around: the rolling Outeniqua mountains, Knysna Heads in the distance and acres and acres of forest… it leaves one utterly breathless! The two stretches of single-track bring you close to the heart of the forest – bird calls, barking baboons, the earthy smell of the forest floor.

The route is kept in excellent condition. With undulations, climbs, flats and downhill riding, it makes for a very interesting route and contour change. The average to above average cyclist will definitely enjoy this route. There are plenty of spots to stop and rest, as well as the opportunity to veer off the route slightly and enjoy a coffee and snack at Mother Holley’s Museum and Tea Garden before tackling the final couple of kilometers. Definitely a must do for any cyclist who wants to take back a memorable experience of the forest and surrounds. “

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