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Handy Holiday Checklist

for Packing like Pro

Whether you are lucky enough to have booked at Forest Edge, Knysna or not < grin >, here is a handy checklist to help you pack for your much anticipated breakaway. Longer checklists can be found on the net, but we wanted to fit everything on one page so more people would use it and avoid holiday frustration. A Credit Card & Toothbrush are the bare essentials, but a little more planning of your packing, can make for a stress-free (and cheaper) holiday.

I am sure you know the feeling of having forgotten a key item, when perhaps far away from a shop? That umbrella while having to unpack in a rain storm; pain-killer when your head finally explodes from pent-up work stress; a kid moaning about the boogie board lying in the garage at home…  On my most recent short break-away to a remote Karoo farm, I forgot to take firelighters. It took me 2 hours to get my braai fire going… hence the below checklist.

DOWNLOAD and print your own Holiday Packing Checklist here, and keep a copy in your travel folder ….. DOWNLOAD NOW

A preview of our Handy Packing Check-list will show below in IE / Chrome. In Firefox, it will auto-download (see the down-arrow in the navigation toolbar).

So your bags are packed and you’re ready to go… come discover the Peaceful Magic of the Forest at Forest Edge Knysna…


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