A forest stream a few minutes walk from Forest Edge, photo by Dominique de la Croix

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23/1/2011 Iss 8 (historic sample)

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Early Birder or Last-minute Looker?

I previously touched on Seven hints for Affordable Travel; which now need to be tweaked in light of the latest travel trend research:

A Nov 2010 research report shows that 1 in 5 travellers try to book at the last minute (defined as within 5 days of arrival), hoping for a better deal. Another trend is that 10-night bookings are on the increase (as opposed to the previous 7-night standard) as travellers want the best average value given the increasing cost of getting to a holiday destination. And even at Forest Edge we have seen a sharp increase in travellers booking long in advance (also about 1 in 5).

Although the benefits of waiting till the Last-minute seem obvious (establishments dropping prices to offload empty beds or try to replace a last-minute cancellation), there is MORE sense in Early Bird bookings:

  • Establishments increase their rates annually, so by booking in advance, guests “lock in” at pre-increase rates (e.g. the annual Forest Edge rate increase will take effect in a couple of weeks).
  • For people with special needs like parents with young children, or a unique occasion like a honeymoon or anniversary where dates are fixed, the issue of CHOICE carries weight. The likelihood of getting a specific cottage in a specific establishment for specific dates, diminishes drastically over time.
  • Travellers wanting a longer stay use the Early Bird strategy as busy periods often get booked up in chunks that leave only the crumbs (a few days here and there) for the Last-minute Lookers.
  • The savvy traveller will be even quicker to grab their spot at small establishments offering good value at reasonable rates – it stands to reason that they are popular yet limited by the number of cottages available.
  • The Last-minute strategy is better suited to low season and midweeks; Last-minute luck often runs out with Long Weekends and Peak holiday periods..

Since almost 40 % of travellers now use either strategy to snap up the best offers, it may be wise to consider whether it will serve you better to be an Early Birder or Last-minute Looker.

For most people the work year is in full force, back-to-school has come and gone and there is no better time than right now to plan ahead by taking a look at the Long Weekend / School Holiday calendar and make your Early Bird move. And if you have not yet had your break, have a look out our Last-minute offer now.

But making a move, dearest traveller, is the only strategy guaranteed to get you the breaks you deserve.  To help you plan your next holiday / honeymoon, some tools to Check our availability calendar or Forest Edge rates and specials before you just book.  Reply to tell me about your name/e-mail changes or to share your thoughts on this topic.

Wishing you a miracle of a day!
Ronel Pieterse – 082 456 1338 / Farm 118, Knysna, Garden Route
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PS – Remember your Giftclub Member Reward

For any new booking of a 3-night+ stay with deposit paid before xxxxxxxxx, state “gl8” in the “special requests” field of the booking process, in order to receive not only your pre-rate-increase discount, but also, for nix:
* bottle of good red wine and some fancy chocolates on arrival,
* Free daily servicing
* and 30kg of complimentary fire wood.

Forest Edge winners - lucky guests!

Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx from Pretoria, win the 3-night stay – we hope you enjoy your breakaway some time this year, it will be great to have you back!

Tell someone about Forest Edge and you both may win 15% off vouchers, and we’re getting very close to the next 100th winner!

For an immediate discount voucher, link to our website from your website / blog and let us know about it.

Forest Edge news

The Forest Edge gardens got a MAJOR landscaping overhaul and we cannot believe the difference it has made! Our virtual photo tours have been updated to try and reflect these changes. We built a wooden walkway, and completed major maintenance.

Tips for savvy travellers

We have seen a marked increase in Early Bird bookings for next year. So especially in light of our annual rate hike happening soon, a special note to our regulars and those planning their honeymoons to act straight away to book preferred dates!

We are currently filling up very fast for the School Holidays – so check availability for your preferred dates now.

Did you know that you can get a whopping 20% sliced off any 4 night winter mid-week bookings (excluding School holidays and Long weekends), by bringing a few things extra and paying via EFT? Check out our Winter Warmer Midweek and plan ahead…

Forest Edge Wildlife update

The most exciting game sightings reported by guests in the last month is the little Blue Duiker spotted near Firefly cottage, and the Caracul (Rooikat) seen in the deep of the night near Foxglove cottage.

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Forest Edge Favourite guest feedback

“Muchas gracias for creating such a space… I breathe deeply here and I am present. Forest Edge like the forest holds charm and shares its secrets with you as you slow slow to its rhythm and the beat of its hospitable heart.”

– Dr Dorian Haarhoff and his Story Wagon, Somerset West / his tortoise shell, September 2010. See more real guest comments here.

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