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Knysna Mammal List

Knysna / Garden Route / Forest Edge

Mammals of the Garden Route – although not seen as often as the game in a game reserve, Forest Edge still offers the unique opportunity to spot indigenous mammals, not only the more common monkeys, bushbuck and baboon that wander out of the forest to look for food at the forest’s edge, but also the nocturnal porcupine, bushpig, honey badger or caracal. Sunset bats and fieldmouse families, and the Clawless Cape Otter that visitors and scientists come from far and wide to try and see – the thrill of any animal visit is very rewarding for the game-lover.

As one of our guests wrote about Forest Edge “as you slow slow to its rhythm and the beat of its hospitable heart” you will increasingly attune and see more. The remaining 2 out of the Big 5 of the forest, the Knysna forest elephant and the leopard, are hardly ever seen (even by proffesional rangers and researchers), but sometimes grace us with spoor or dung to attest to their exotic survival despite the odds, or show up on motion-detect cameras placed on strategic forest trails. Regrettably, although buffalo used to be abundant, none remain. We also provide up to date information and photos on the Forest Edge eco-trail; we never cease to be charmed by these gifts of the forest. Bring your binoculars, walking shoes, mammal guide, eyes, nose, ears and instinct, and explore to your heart’s content on a Forest Walk or from the comfort of your cottage in some cases!  VOUCHER CODE: HAPPY50THKAREN!

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Please see a few of the photos of mammals taken at or near Forest Edge below, before and after the actual Mammal List. Guest photos are acknowledged in the hover-over.

Bushbuck often graze around or on Forest Edge between the cottages - knysna forest mammals , gamespotting knysna , knysna gamespotting , garden route gamespotting , gamespotting on the garden route
Vervet monkeys often fool around at Forest Edge natures retreat. Close your windows when you go out! Mammals like relaxed soldiers guarding ancient secrets | gamespotting knysna | garden route | walk pathways | Gamespotting on the garden route near Forest Edge nature retreat.
Landmark Foundation motion detect camera in Knysna Forest; sometimes a whole family visits Forest Edge and dig up all our flower bulbs to eat! Mammal List garden route, Garden Route Mammal List , Mammal List knysna , knysna Mammal List , Mammal List Forest Edge , Forest Edge Mammal List , Mammal List Virtual photo tour
OrderEnglishAfrikaans Scientific
PROBOSCIDAE – elephantAfrican ElephantOlifantLoxodonta africana
CARNIVORA – carnivoresAfrican Wild CatVaalboskat Felis lybica
 Cape Clawless OtterGroototterAonyx capensis
 Cape foxSilvervos Vulpes chama
 Cape Grey MongooseKleingrysmuishondGalerella pulverulenta
 CaracalRooikat Felis caracal
 Honey BadgerRatelMellivora capensis
 Large Grey MongooseGrootgrysmuidhondHerpestes ichneumon
 Small Spotted GenetKleinkol MuskejaatkatGenetta genetta
 Large Spotted GenetRooikolmuskejaatkat Genetta tigrina
 LeopardLuiperdPanthera pardus
 ServalTierboskat Felis serval
 Striped PolecatStinkmuishond Ictonyx striatus
 Water mongooseKommetjiegatmuishondAtilax paludinosus
PRIMATES – baboonsChacma BaboonBobbejaan Papio ursinus
 Vervet MonkeyBlou-aap Cercopethicus aethiops
ARTIODACTYLA – even-toed angulatesBlue DuikerBlouduikerPhilantomba monticola
 BontebokBontebokDamaliscus dorcas dorcas
 BushbuckBosbokTragelaphus scriptus
 BushpigBosvarkPotamochoerus porcus
 Common DuikerGewone DuikerSylvicapra grimmia
 Grey RhebokVaalribbok Pelea capreolus
 HippopotamusSeekoeiHippopotamus amphibius
 KlipspringerKlipspringer Oreotragus oreotragus
 SteenbokSteenbok Raphicerus campestris
PERRISSODACTYLA – zebraCape Mountain ZebraKaapsebergzebraEquus zebra zebra
HYRACOIDAE – dassiesRock dassieKlipdasProcavia capensis
LAGOMORPHA – haresScrub hareKolhaasLepus saxatilis
RODENTIA – rodentsBrant’s Climbing MouseBrantsse Klimmuis Dendromus mesomelas
 Cape DormouseGemsbokmuisGraphiurus ocularis
 Cape Dune MoleratKaapse Duinmol Bathyergus suillus
 Cape Spiny MouseKaapse StekelmuisAcomys subspinosus
 Common MoleratVaalmol Cryptomus hottentotus
 Forest DormouseBoswaaierstertmuis Graphirius murinus
 Grey Climbing MouseGrysklimmuisDendromus melanotis
 Krebs’ Fat MouseKrebsse Vetmuis Steatomys krebsii
 PorcupineYstervarkHystrix africaeaustralis
 Pouched MouseWangsakmuis Saccostomus campestris
 Pigmy MouseDwergmuisMus minutoides
 Striped mouseStreepmuis Rhabdomys pumilio
 Verreaux’s MouseVerreauxse MuisMastomys verreauxii
 Vlei RatVleirot Otomys irroratus
 White-Tailed MouseWitstertmuisMystromys albicaudatus
INSECTIVORA – hedgehogsDuthie’s Golden MoleDuthiese GouemolChlorotalpa duthiae
 Forest ShrewBosskeerbek Myosorex varius
 Greater Musk ShrewGroter SkeerbekCrocidura flavescens
 Hottentot Golden MoleHottentotgouemol Amblysomus hottentotus
 Least Dwarf ShrewKleinste Dwegskeerbek Suncus infinitesimus
 Longtailed Forest ShrewLangstertbosskeerbekMyosorex longicaudatus
 Reddish-Grey Musk ShrewRooigrysskeerbekCrocidura cyanea
 Round-eared Elephant ShrewRonde-oorklaasneusMacroscelides proboscideus
 Knysna Golden MoleKnysnagouemol Amblysomus iris
CHIROPTERA – batsCape Horseshoe BatKaapse Saalneusvlermuis Rhinolophus capensis
 Cape Serotine BatKaapse Dakvlermuis Eptesicus capensis
 Egyptian Slit-faced BatGewone-pleutneusvlermuis Nycteris thebaica
 Egyptian Fruit BatKaapse VrugtevlermuisRousettus aegyptiacus
 Egyptian Free-tailed BatEgiptiese LosstertvlermuisTadarida aegyptiaca
 Geoffroy’s Horseshoe BatGeoffroyse aalneusvlermuisRhinolophus clivosus 
 Kuhl’s PipistrelleKuhlse VlermuisPipistrellus kuhlii
 Lesser Long-fingered BatSwartvlermuisMiniopterus fraterculus
 Longtailed Serotine BatLangstertdakvlermuisEptesicus hottentotus
 Melck’s Serotine BatMelckse DakvlermuisEptesicus melckorum
 Schreiber’s Long-fingered BatSchreibersse GrotvlermuisMiniopterus schreibersii
 Temminck’s Hairy BatTemminckse LanghaarvlermuisMyotis tricolor
 Mauritian Tomb BatWitlyfvlermuisTaphozous mauritianus 

This official list was obtained from Sanparks in Knysna; please let us know if you spot any errors or ommissions and we’ll let them know.

Ben, the stuffed Forest Edge honeybadger, killed by a careless driver on a road nearby. photos of Knysna mammals , mammals of the garden route , knysna forest mammals
Landmark Foundation motion detect camera about 5km from Forest Edge: two leopards! - Mammal List , Mammal List knysna , knysna Mammal List , Mammal List Garden Route , Garden Route Mammal List
The hunted, hidden and controversial Knysna Forest Elephant (some say only one left; other research points to more than 6). Sanparks Photo
What story do these porcupine quills found in a tree trunk tell? - Mammal List , Mammal List knysna , knysna Mammal List , Mammal List Garden Route , Garden Route Mammal List , Mammal List Forest Edge , Forest Edge Mammal List - Photo courtesy of Hynie Tredoux
9.5cm leopard spoor found on Forest Edge road May 2010! mammals of the garden route , knysna forest mammals , gamespotting knysna , knysna gamespotting , garden route gamespotting , gamespotting on the garden route , forest leopard
Mammal list, Elephant Dung, Forest Trails, Knysna walking trails. Forest Edge

There are an estimated 25 remaining territorial leopard in the Garden Route. From an article in “The Edge” newspaper Oct 2010.

Bat-Rhinolophus-clivos - bats of Forest Edge
Bats-Neoromicia-capensis - Forest Edge loves bats
Bats-Pipistrellus-kuhli - species of bats at Forest Edge
Bird Watching, Forest Edge, Knysna Birdwatching, Forest Edge
Yellow Throated Petronia, Bird Watching, Knysna Bird Watching, Forest Edge Guest House
Bird Watching, Forest Edge Guesthouse, Bird Spotting, Knysna
Grey Cuckoo-shrike, Knysna Bird Watching, Forest Edge
Woodpecker, Bird Watching, Bird watching at Forest Edge
birdlist black cuckoo shrike female, Bird List, Knysna, Foresdge Edge

We LOVE the bats of Forest Edge as the average bat eats up to 3000 mosquitoes each night! They also keep the insects in our organic food forest under control. The above bats (Rhinolophus clivos; Neoromicia-capensis and Pipistrellus-kuhli) were identified at Forest Edge in a quick 1-hour survey by Dr Corrie Schoeman and Dr Samantha Hockey on 22 Jan 2014. There may be more species here. It was very exciting to be witness to the process and to see these amazing, clean, shy creatures that we are the custodians of, up close!

*** Seeing this enticing Forest Edge Mammal List of Knysna forest mammals of the Garden Route, we hope you will visit us for a gamespotting breakaway.
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