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Forest Edge Virtual Tour

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Virtual photo tour of Forest Edge property - click on cottage or area of interest to see photo tour - Farm 118, Edge of Indigenous Forest, Knysna

Forest Edge virtual tour of interior & exterior photos of each available cottage.
*** IMPORTANT: we do NOT under any circumstances guarantee a specific cottage. More on this below

A little about each cottage:

Fairy Den cottage (STANDARD):
Fairy Den cottage is at the Western end of the road furtherest from the Forest Edge Reception and the only passersby are guests who visit the Woodcutter graves or Donkeys, or staff with operational business in our water / tools / wood processing area – all of this is in a separate camp in the far, most Western corner. Due to it being quieter especially at dawn or dusk, there is a slightly increased chance of seeing visiting forest wild life. The property is narrow at this point, so the cottage is quite close to the indigenous Sanparks forest.

Foxglove cottage (STANDARD):
Foxglove cottage is near the Western end of the road (also away from the busy reception area) with a nice space in front of it overlooking the indigenous Sanparks forest, and to the right of it overlooking extensive gardens. Sometimes bushbuck like to rest in the shade under this cottage and Knysna Loeries and other forest birds are often seen in the tall Forest trees in front of it. This cottage seems to be popular with families, perhaps due to the private picnic bench tucked away in young indigenous growth and fynbos near the cottage’s braai area.

Fieldmouse cottage (LUXURY):
Fieldmouse cottage is the middle of the 5 cottages, kind of at the tip of the V-formation with the other cottages slightly behind it, so it has a private feel. It is also positioned close to the fence with indigenous Sanparks forest, often offering sightings of forest wildlife and forest birdlife from the veranda. This cottage seems popular with bird-lovers or nature-loving families (it has a rear view onto the jungle gym and bonfire area and a large garden area).

Froggy Pond cottage (LUXURY):
Froggy Pond cottage is the cottage situated closest to the Forest Edge Reception and it overlooks a shallow pond which is frequented by herons, yellow-billed ducks, hamerkop, moorhens and a host of different frogs. This is our iconic cottage as it epitomises the tranquility we offer and it is also popular with Honeymooners and for Romantic Getaways, and of course bird-lovers who enjoy twitching right from their stoep or hammock! With the jungle gym and bonfire area slightly behind it also makes a good choice for families, although those with small children sometimes prefer to be further away from the open pond.

Firefly cottage (LUXURY):
Firefly cottage is situated on the North-Eastern end of the property and adjacent to our private area that houses our food forest, flock of chickens and earth worms. It has a pond slightly behind it, so offers much of the same water ambiance while overlooking the indigenous Sanparks forest to the North, with the Forest Edge Reception overlooking it from behind and a lovely private garden area to the North-East. It feels private although in busy seasons one can hear hikers passing by on the road outside Forest Edge, on their way to the Drupkelders rock pools or the Outeniqua hiking trail. Bushbuck, baboons and monkeys are often spotted moving past this cottage.

*** Please note that we do NOT under any circumstances guarantee a specific cottage. The purpose of this virtual tour is to give you the best possible idea of what Forest Edge looks like, and by dividing it into the various Cottage Areas, it makes this task more manageable. You are welcome to indicate your first and second choice and we obviously want to make you happy where we can, but it is impossible to place all guests in the cottage they want, if it happens to be the same cottage. And we sometimes have to shift people to a different cottage in the case of an unforseen operational challenge like a burst geyser, for example.

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