A forest stream a few minutes walk from Forest Edge, photo by Dominique de la Croix
Fun Forest Edge Anonymous Quiz

Is Forest Edge suitable for me?

It is important to you (and to us!) to know that Forest Edge Nature-lovers’ Retreat is suitable for you. Our tongue-in-cheek quiz may help…

With so many options from the very cheap to the exorbitant, it is difficult to know whether a specific destination will suit your unique needs. If privacy is your top priority, are you willing to pay a little more for a stand-alone cottage? Is budget your absolute limitation and you would rather do without extras to just have a bed? Do you enjoy being spoilt with little surprises? Everyone is different. Hence this quiz we created for you and we welcome your feedback as we keep refining it. Note: this quiz reflects different travel approaches rather than specific options.

This is an ANONYMOUS quiz of only 12 questions. For accurate scoring, please answer them all and tick the option most true for you. HAVE FUN!!

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