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Here follows some of the most commonly asked questions about Forest Edge:

*** Want to see INSTANT AVAILABILITY VISUAL CALENDAR for your chosen dates in 1 click?
*** Want to get an INSTANT QUOTE ?
*** Want to secure your dates on our central reservation system via an INSTANT BOOKING ?
*** Want to know the PAYMENT METHODS for the deposit or balance?
*** Want to see our full RATES and CONDITIONS as well as Special offers?
*** Want to see a VIRTUAL TOUR of Forest Edge and each cottage?
*** Want to know COTTAGE LAYOUT & FACILITIES offered?
*** Want to know what ATTRACTIONS, ACTIVITIES and ADVENTURES await you?
*** Want to get MAP, DIRECTIONS or GPS COORDINATES to help get you there easily?
*** Want to receive announcements of our LAST-MINUTE BELOW-COST offers?
*** Want to see our publicly posted GUEST FEEDBACK?


*** Do you find our Terms & Conditions intimidating? No need if you understand why we have them. In fact, most establishments have them, they are just not as open and up-front about them as we are. Many have even stricter terms (e.g. many places require a 100% up-front deposit). We know that we may even lose bookings because of our prominently displayed Terms and Conditions, but with a micro-business like ours providing consistently good standards, one needs to be protected. With the recent introduction of the Consumer Protection Act, our legal advisers and bodies such as Knysna Tourism and related Accommodation Associations have strongly suggested that we repeat T&C’s and key costs in as many places as possible. This minimizes the impact of any legal action that may follow most probably from disgruntled and unreasonable consumers to begin with. You will start seeing such T&C’s more visibly with other establishments too.

*** Do you find it strange that we charge the balance 10 days prior to arrival? Since deposits are non-refundable, this condition was created for our benefit as well as our guests’: if a guest for any reason can no longer come, by reminding them of this balance 10 days prior to arrival, it either prompts the guest to commit with the payment, or if they are not coming any more, to let us know then.  This gives us optimum time to try and re-market their dates so that we are not left out of pocket, and we may even decide, at our discretion, to refund a part of their deposit. We also need the cash-flow to ensure everything in the cottages remain in tip-top working condition.  Which would you rather have: pay the balance 10 days in advance and your cottage is perfect; or pay balance on arrival and find stoves broken, lamps not working, leaking roofs, doors that don’t lock etc.

*** Do you find our admin and cancellation fees strange? Any change made to a booking after it has been confirmed, requires us to manually update a variety of reservation calendars on websites all over the world to adjust/remove a booking. These costs are not covered by normal booking fees and we feel it is unfair for all guests to pay higher rates whereas only those causing such costs should cover it.

*** Do you wonder why we do not accept Credit Card deposit payments without all the anti-fraud admin? Again, we are a micro-resort, trying our best to keep tariffs down; we cannot afford fraudulent transactions or ungrounded charge-backs – so we have a right and duty to perform these due diligence checks. If you can come to us to pay the deposit in person, we will gladly accept your card without the admin, as we are then able to make an imprint of the card to safeguard ourselves; this is also why we accept credit cards for on-site expenses, security deposit and the like – they are all transactions where the card is present.

Please contact us if you need answers to questions not covered here.
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Forest Edge frequently asked questions - answers to Forest Edge FAQ
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