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Reservations & General Enquiries: [email protected]

Tel: +27 (0)82 456 1338 office hours
Fax: 086 613 7819 (RSA only)

Marketing Proposals (e-mail ONLY): [email protected]

Physical address (we are NOT equipped for day visitors & access is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY):
Farm 118, Edge of Indigenous Forest, Rheenendal, Knysna, Garden Route, Western Cape, South Africa

Postal address: Box 340, Rheenendal, 6576


CONTACT SANPARKS ON 044-3025606 for any Forest trail, gate times, costs etc info

E.g. on Jubilee Creek, Drupkelders, Mountainbiking or trails in Garden Route National Park. We create awareness for these Garden Route gems; we don’t administer, maintain, admit or find lost hikers etc.

You can also read more about our presence in the  Media; Awards, News, and Projects.

History & Our Team Super-dedicated to You

Forest Edge was a concept developed by the De Bruyn family who had the land, originally used by the historic woodcutters from “Circles in the Forest” fame, rezoned for resort use. They started operating Forest Edge in the early 1990’s, originally with only 2 cottages built as replicas of the original gold-mining cottages of the Millwood Gold Rush.

Ronel Pieterse purchased Forest Edge mid-2005 and developed 3 more cottages and a main house with a reception, and removed aliens and planted an indigenous garden, before selling it in June 2016.

Amanda and Danie Jansen van Vuuren purchased Forest Edge in June 2016. Danie is an ex-“corporate animal” who saw the light and moved to Forest Edge. He managed large city-based corporates for more than 20 years, including leading marketing & eventing agencies and he will put these skills to good use at Forest Edge. Amanda owns a Group Travel & Eventing business; she’s using this experience to host some unforgettable boutique weddings & events at Forest Edge.

We’re a very small multi-tasking team of 5 permanent staff: managers Dries and Susan who man Reception, provide guest support, perform operational maintenance and quality assurance functions; house-keeper Sherine who lovingly tends the cottages & linen; groundskeeper & handyman Chris who looks after the maintenance, gardens, wood and water; and the owner Danie, who handles bookings, marketing, accounting, web development & strategy.

Please keep our small team size in mind to understand the context of our Terms&Conditions.

Bottom photo: Hansel and Gretel – in charge of entertainment for kids (and adults!)

Hansel and Gretel is part of our contact team which is a part of many entertainment and leisure enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Our passion is respectfully preparing for your visit,
to honour you for choosing us.

Forest Edge owner & manager, Ronel Pieterse
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Forest Edge onsite manager, Forest Edge handyman, Forest Edge operational manager, Paul
Our talented, warm management couple Dries and Susan, will welcome and support you throughout your stay.
Forest Edge housekeeper, Lydia
Sherine is our head housekeeper in charge of cottages, linen, cleaning and Flower Arranging.
Forest Edge groundsman, Joseph
Chris is our groundsman and handyman in charge of maintenance, gardens, wood, roads and water. There's very little that this talented man cannot fix or make. - Processed with Snapseed
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