A forest stream a few minutes walk from Forest Edge, photo by Dominique de la Croix

Once the deposit is paid, booking is confirmed, Thanks!

Thank you for confirming your booking with payment.  We really appreciate your support.

Confirmation is based of receipt of proof (cheques will not be confirmed). You will receive / have received an e-mail to confirm your booking. Your confirmation is made up of this e-mail (containing information about your specific booking) in conjunction with the Formal Confirmation and any other correspondence between us.

If you have not received your formal confirmation document yet, or you want to access the latest information available in our generic confirmation document here on our website, you can access it any time by clicking on either of the following links, then select Open, and then print. If you cannot for any reason, please let us know and we’ll forward it to you manually:

This confirmation document is very important and designed for your comfort to guide you on your journey and improve your experience. Please pay special attention to:

  • the suggestions on WHAT TO BRING along
  • the VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION on gaining access, checking in – for your convenience
  • the MAP & DIRECTIONS – as GPS is not reliable
  • and the useful ACTIVITY GUIDE on the last page.

See Knysna weather forecast – here
See our Handy Holiday Checklist to simplify packing – here

Your holiday or honeymoon is confirmed in two shakes of a lamb’s tail –  What a feeling to HAVE YOUR BOOKING IN THE BAG !!!

Alternative for foreign guests (if payment < R4000)

We may, on occasion, accept credit card payments strictly by pre-arrangement (e.g. for foreign guests and ONLY IF THE PAYMENT AMOUNT IS LESS THAN R4000). If you want to pursue this option, we require ALL OF THE FOLLOWING from you before we’ll accept your credit card payment:

  • Complete our Forest Edge Credit Card Form and Charge-back WaiverDownload Forest Edge credit card form (PDF format) here to complete, sign and return to us.
  • A legible copy of your ID or Passport – must show your photo
  • A legible copy of the credit card to be used, both front AND back.
  • Once we have received ALL of the admin stated above, we will send you the link to an online, secure facility to make payment.
  • VERY IMPORTANT – if you are not comfortable sending us a copy of your ID/passport and Credit Card, then DO NOT pursue this Option as we will NOT CONFIRM any booking by credit card payment without this anti-fraud requirement being fulfilled – and you’ll lose the R500 cancellation fee if we have to refund you as a result. Rather do a bank transfer.

Subject to methods of Payment & Payment Policy

Please refer to our terms & conditions especially the section on Methods of Payment and Payment Policy. Some key items worth reiterating: We do NOT “keep” bookings; We do NOT accept cheques and Guests pay for the right to the room rather than the room itself, which renders any transaction final and not refundable or reversible.

The Forest Edge payment methods and policies are carefully designed to ensure fairness, to protect us from fraud and above all, to help us to keep our tariffs reasonable to the benefit of our guests – we thank you for your understanding in adhering to them.

Knysna Self Catering Accommodation
Knysna Self Catering Accommodation
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