Forest Edge Nature-lovers Retreat, Forest Edge is Portfolio, AA and Star graded and multi-award-winning on Tripadvisor
Escape to Elegance in Nature

General Terms and Conditions

Award-winning Selfcatering Accommodation Knysna

VERY IMPORTANT: We will hold guests to these T&C’s as we are a tiny resort trying our best to offer superb service at affordable rates while at the same time remaining eco-friendly and sustainable – we can only do so by having fair conditions in place.  Please read carefully.


  • 50% deposit Proof of Payment required within 12 hours of booking; even if actual transfer will take longer.  Lapsed bookings cost R200 admin fee to reload and you lose any discount / exception granted.
  • Balance due 10 days prior to arrival, or the booking may be forfeited without refund.
  • 100% deposit required on arrivals within 10 days or less; or with specials / as specified.
  • Cancellation: >10 days before arrival forfeits the deposit. As a Holding Deposit, it is non-refundable; we regret no exceptions, even for personal emergencies, infrastructural lapses, or Acts of God.  Guests pay for the right to the room rather than the room itself.  If you make a payment, you indicate acceptance of non-refund-ability.
  • Bookings cancelled <10 days prior to arrival forfeits (or are charged) the full booking amount. This also applies to non-arrival, late arrival or early departure.
  • If we, at our discretion, allow any change in booking dates / terms / persons, a R200 admin fee will be levied per change requested.
  • If we, at our discretion, refund any amount, a R500 admin fee applies.
  • Full accommodation payment has to be received before cottage keys will be released.
  • Breakage/key deposit of R500 is charged/reserved before cottage keys are released. All missing items, breakages in and damage to cottages, furniture, fittings, soft furnishings, roads, fencing, gardens, extras costs and fines will be charged to the guest; this is not limited to the key deposit. No dispute discussion regarding breakages or damage will be entertained unless a guest reports same within one hour of checking in.


  • We are a personally run business and cannot staff Reception like a large hotel. We do offer:
    • CHECK-IN:
      • 15:00-20:00
    • CHECK-OUT:
      • 08:30 – 10:00.
  • R300 surcharge will be levied on early / late arrivals or late departures. It can be pre-arranged, if we can assist you.  If not pre-arranged you may arrive at CLOSED DOORS / AN UNREADY COTTAGE. Departure after 12:00 will be charged an additional night at listed rates. If we expect new guests we may access the cottage at 10:00 regardless.


  • Internet Banking / EFT (Electronic Transfer) / International Bank Transfer / Credit Cards / Cash deposits at FNB. We prefer that you pay via EFT, in order to keep our overheads as low as possible, to give you an Excellent Value for Money experience, but if you prefer to pay via Credit Card, we do have the facilities to process the payment.
  • NO Cheques. Cheque payments will NOT be confirmed and booking may be lost prior to clearance. A R500 admin fee will apply to any refund. Do NOT pay by cheque.
  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Amex) available ONLY if card-holder is happy to send us our charge-back waiver form fully completed, a copy of ID or Passport and a copy of credit card, front and back, within 12 hours of booking, if so requested.
  • We will only confirm a booking upon receipt and/or any clearance of the required deposit (i.e. we do not “keep” bookings).
  • ANTI-FRAUD: We will not refund any deposits made in error until it has cleared. We do not accept payments to pass on to any 3rd parties (e.g. cell / car rental etc).
  • In unusual event that multiple parties pay for same booking, Forest Edge will confirm booking for first payment received, and will refund the others after clearance.


  • We do not guarantee a specific cottage preference.
  • Our cottages are NON-SMOKING indoors; please smoke on veranda.
  • The cottages are fully equipped for self-catering purposes. Guests to bring own food, drinks, condiments, coffee, tea, sugar, drinking water (we only have rain water), toiletries, insect repellent, sunscreen, wood/firelighters, plug adapters and chargers.
  • NO child-minding services (you may make a private arrangement with a sitter).
  • NO laundry service, nor Laundry allowed in cottages – due to low water levels as well as potential damage to our soak-away system. Please use laundries and launderettes in Knysna.
  • NO transport service as our Insurance Company specifically prohibits it; Knysna offers taxi services and Knysna emergency services are available if required.


  • 100% Single Supplement in School Holidays and Long Weekends.
  • R500 surcharge on any exception to the Terms and Conditions we may grant at our discretion, e.g. should we allow a Sunday / Public Holiday Check-in, or Single night Stay.
  • Cottage Servicing, Firewood, Breakfast Baskets / Braai Packs etc, Day Visitors are at an extra cost as per Booking Sheet, Cottage Menu and/or House Rules.
  • Damage / missing items charged at actual cost to restore to pre-booking status.
  • Responsible guests do not incur unnecessary charges. PLEASE Do not use hair dye or self-tan in the cottage; keep oil off our linen and furniture.  No noise, no light pollution. Stick to roads and don’t speed. Put out your fire, close all windows properly and set your alarm before you leave your cottage.  Don’t waste water or put anything non-biodegradable in loo / water system. Do not feed wild animals or allow any pets into your cottage. Do not forget your personal effects.  Keep cottage keys safe and hand in at Reception on departure.
  • NO SMOKING inside a cottage to avoid a laundry bill.
  • If you do not fulfill all the terms of a discount offer / package, the booking reverts to standard rates and subsequent cancellation is subject to cancellation terms & fees.
  • If you arrive with more people than booked for in a cottage, the nightly person rate will apply. We will not consider more guests than a cottage is equipped for as stated.
  • We regret – NO PETS. If you arrive with pets, they will need to be removed and no refund will be considered.


  • Any booking or visit to Forest Edge is subject to standard trading terms & insurance indemnity (see below) which you will be required to sign on arrival:
    • You acknowledge that all Forest Edge facilities are used at own risk and owners are not responsible for injury or loss of whatever nature. Note that we border a National Park, there is a jungle gym, pool and ponds on site. This Indemnity may NOT be altered by you even if you are a legal expert, as it is an insurance company format and requirement. It also ensures that the special cover we have for our guests remains in force. No indemnity = no cottage key and no refund.

Standard Trading Conditions; Forest Edge Indemnity

The below is a standard trading condition of Forest Edge and due to the public availability thereof, it is regarded as having been seen and accepted by any party entering into a booking or other agreement with Forest Edge.

This is a standard trading condition of FOREST EDGE and is a condition of residence/presence.

(party entering into a booking or any other agreement with Forest Edge or wanting to reside or be present on Forest Edge)

Do hereby declare to and in favor of FOREST EDGE and/or each of its associated companies, owners, employees, contractors, sub-contractors, agents, workmen or representatives (hereinafter jointly and severally referred to as “FOREST EDGE”) the following:-

  • That I/We have read and accepted Forest Edge Terms and Conditions presented during the booking process. I have also read and accepted the House Rules and Payment policy as presented during check-in in Reception and which is also available in each cottage.
  • That I/We enter the premises of FOREST EDGE entirely at my/our own risk.
  • That I/We acknowledge that I/We am/are aware of the risks involved in any activities, which are or may be offered by FOREST EDGE or embarked upon by me/us whilst upon the premises of FOREST EDGE and/or using equipment belonging to FOREST EDGE and accept such risks.
  • That I/We acknowledge that I/We am/are aware of the risks involved in being present on premises bordering a national forest park without animal-proof fencing and with the free reign of animals, insects, birds and reptiles onto the property whilst upon the premises of FOREST EDGE and accept such risks.
  • That I/We undertake, when on the premises or involved in any activity at FOREST EDGE, to obey all rules and regulations laid down by FOREST EDGE and to familiarize myself/ourselves with such rules and regulations.
  • That I/We hereby agree that it is a condition of my/our presence on the premises and/or participating in any activities that FOREST EDGE shall not be responsible for any accident or bodily injury to any person or loss of or damage to property, whether suffered by me/us or any person brought by me/us upon FOREST EDGE’s premises regardless of whether such injury, loss or damage results from the negligence of FOREST EDGE or from any other cause whatsoever.
  • I/We undertake to procure that every person accompanying me/us will accept the aforesaid conditions of presence/participation, as well as the terms and conditions of this indemnity and will agree to be bound by it.
  • That I/We indemnify (where more than one person, jointly and severally) FOREST EDGE against any claim by and on behalf of a person accompanying me/us or under my/our control (whether a minor or disabled person or otherwise and including such person’s heirs, executors, trustees, administrators or assigns) arising from, or in connection with any of the aforesaid activities, or his/her presence on FOREST EDGE’s premises, including specifically without being limited thereto, any claims in respect of injury, loss or damage, as aforementioned, and arising from any cause referred to above.
  • That I/We hereby bind my/our heirs, executors, administrators or assigns to this declaration and undertaking.
  • That I/We are aware of the Forest Edge evacuation procedures, i.e. to leave the cottage speedily through the front door, without pause to take personal effects, and to proceed to the entrance gate on the South Eastern corner of the property, unless unsafe in which case to proceed to the open farmland on the South.

On arrival, any guest/visitor/worker is required to sign this indemnity in order to stay or be present at Forest Edge and it is a condition of any booking, arrival or agreement.

Forest Edge Terms and Conditions are in the public domain to avoid any confusion or surprises
Forest Edge indemnity and standard trading terms are there to protect us from unscrupulous operators and we still, as always, do our best to ensure a good, safe experience
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