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Forest Edge Payment Options & Bank Info

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Forest Edge payment methods: Electronic transfer (i.e. Internet Payment, cellphone banking, bank transfer), cash deposits at a branch, personal credit card payment*** (*** costly and not preferred).

Electronic transfers / EFT are preferred as they are the most cost-effective for all parties. We do not want to pass on branch deposit fees onto our guests!

Bank: FNB (First National Bank, a Division of Firstrand Bank Limited)
Branch: code 250655.  Your bank may also know this as the clearing code, routing code, or sort code
Account number: Will be provided when required.
Account type: Current Cheque Account
Account Name: The Loerie Portfolio (Pty) Ltd
Beneficiary Reference: please use your full name or the NB-9999999 booking ID as the reference to allow us to reconcile payments

International transfer will require the following additional info ***:
IBAN #: South African banks do NOT use IBAN, if your bank insists, use recipient Account number.
Clearing Code (aka Universal branch code, routing code, or sort code): 250355 (don’t use biccode)
Bank’s details: Address: FNB, South Africa Telephone: 0860 11 22 44 / +27 (0)11 8031527
Recipient’s details: Address: Box 340, Rheenendal, 6576; Tel: +27 (0)82 456 1338

*** Very costly for both parties
. Alternatively, if you have any friends or family in South Africa, ask them to do an internet payment on your behalf.

Once paid, please forward us forward proof of payment, so that we can confirm your booking.

Credit Card Payments

We do accept credit card payments, but due to the excessive commissions payable, we kindly request that you only consider this option as a last resort, to try and assist us to keep our rates as low as possible.

Subject to methods of Payment & Payment Policy

Please refer to our terms & conditions especially the section on Methods of Payment and Payment Policy. Some key items worth reiterating: We do NOT “keep” bookings; We do NOT accept cheques and Guests pay for the right to the room rather than the room itself, which renders any transaction final and not refundable or reversible.

The Forest Edge payment methods and policies are carefully designed to ensure fairness, to protect us from fraud and above all, to help us to keep our tariffs reasonable to the benefit of our guests – we thank you for your understanding in adhering to them.

Forest Edge payment policy and Forest Edge banking details to help you make quick, safe payments
Forest Edge methods of payment offer you a reasonable choice of secure payment options
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