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May 9, 2018
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Knysna Oyster Festival is the gem of the Garden Route Events Calendar

Nothing beats Oysters & bubbly at the Oyster Festival in Knysna!

The Oyster Festival in Knysna is one of the biggest winter draws to this beautiful town in the heart of the much-loved Garden Route, but to enjoy everything lined up for the festival from the 29th of June to the 8th of July, you have to have the best in accommodation available in Knysna!

This year’s Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival will have an exciting new format aimed at spreading the festival events throughout the town to iconic Knysna venues including Thesen Harbour Town, Woodmill Lane, the Knysna Waterfront, Loerie Park, the Knysna Yacht Club, Mitchell’s Brewery and a number of top local restaurants.

The festival will be decentralised and various venues will host an array of activities, including a Momentum Kiddies Zone at the Knysna Waterfront. At Loerie Park there will be entertainment for children as well as sporting activities such as Athletics SWD, and Oyster Festival rugby, soccer and netball tournaments.

A slightly different approach to the offering for foodies this year will see local restaurants hosting Flavours of Knysna on Wednesday, 4 July, turning the event into a culinary journey to some of the best restaurants in Knysna and Sedgefield. Guests will be able to explore and taste their way through Knysna, starting at the Knysna Yacht Club, where they will plan their own route on the hop on–hop off shuttles.

Each guest will receive a voucher book for tasters – either a ‘once off’ bespoke flavour taster, or a taste of the restaurant’s bestselling or flagship menu item. Participants will then have the opportunity to vote for their favourite taster using ballot cards in their voucher books, which will also give them an automatic entry into a fantastic lucky draw prize.

The Oyster Festival in Knysna is the perfect draw card for the start of winter, which is an optimal season for oysters and a line-up of everything that celebrates the best in lifestyle and sport, but if you haven’t booked your accommodation yet, it’s time to make your move right now, without wasting a minute!

Forest Edge offers the most unusual, private Knysna accommodation in their Forest Cottages, just right for a fantastic ten days of celebrating the joy of oysters followed by champagne, entertainment for adults and kids, as well as the Knysna Cycling tour and Momentum multi-sport event that will satisfy all fitness fanatics.

Danie and Amanda, owners of Forest Edge forest Cottages can’t wait to welcome you into their beautiful world, offering privacy, comfort and style right on the edge of the forest that envelops you in the rich mystery of a world that is the ancient home to wildlife that ranges from elephants to velvet monkeys and the smallest of bright butterflies.

With only two standard cottages and 3 luxury forest cottages, it is essential to get your booking in as soon as possible for unforgettable Knysna accommodation, or end up with nothing more than the ‘usual’ fare that is easily forgotten in the whirlwind of festivities!

After a day of excitement, fun and adventure, there is nothing quite as relaxing than lounging in a hammock, or sipping a glass of your favourite wine as you loll around the dancing flames of a fireplace or braai!

If you haven’t filled yourself up with all the culinary delights on offer at the festival, head for dinner at the Lily Pond Deck – aptly named for the prolific water lilies that make for an unforgettable meal!

Although the Forest Edge cottages are self-catering, breakfast at the Lily Pond Deck is also perfect for the whole family, or for couples celebrating romance – it’s the kind of atmosphere that makes you feel as if you can pitch up in your baggies and t-shirt, without attracting a second glance!

The Forest Cottages offer everything you could possibly need for the perfect self-catered home away from home!

Although the Luxury Cottages offer everything from Wifi to DSTV, en-suite shower and the extra luxuries that mean you only need to bring yourself, your clothes and some food, the Standard Cottages are just as fabulous!

For the Standard Cottages you may want to bring your own Wifi for streaming your favourite series or movies, however, there is a TV and DVD player laid on along with a library of books for bookworms!

Danie, Amanda and their fabulous team will make sure that any braai packs or meals you would like delivered as an added extra (make sure to place your booking the day before!) will be prepared to make your stay at Forest Edge, the perfect place for lazy days and relaxing nights when you really don’t feel like cooking or going out!

Please contact Forest Edge to get your booking settled in anticipation of the exciting Oyster Festival so that you have the most stunning place to rest your head on relaxing days, or to fall asleep to the sounds of the forest!


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