Pink Loerie Festival
The Pink Loerie Festival is coming to town!
May 5, 2018
Two of our Self-Catering Cottages on the edge of the Knysna Forest
Forest Edge Becomes Water Wise
May 9, 2018
Relax in Hammock

Did you know that May is the month of Love?

Everyone focuses on February as the month of romance and love because of ole Cupid, but, May is the month of love that carries on its fresh breezes and change of season the kind of love that reaches beyond romance, space and time.

This kind of love is all-inclusive of random acts of kindness and romance, rippling out into a month sprinkled with an energy of love that flows out into the everyday lives of anyone and everyone surrounding us, known and unknown.

May is the month of love that calls for a healing blend of love that reaches across from love of our fellow man to a passionate love for nature and all things living.

Here are a few ideas to make the most of this month of love, and then expand it to something that becomes a part of daily life:

  • Pay for someone else’s coffee, without them knowing about it, or, if you’re feeling particularly flush, contribute to paying for groceries for an elderly or underprivileged person in the queue at the supermarket.
  • Write out little notes that say ‘you matter’ and hand them to as many people as you can as you mosey your way through the day – you’ll be surprised at how much a gesture this small can mean to someone having a tough time!
  • Speak those compliments out loud instead of simply thinking them, you never know how much it may mean for someone to hear a sincere, heartfelt compliment.
  • Express your gratitude to those who make a difference to our lives; send thank you cards to the fire-fighters who battle raging fires, policemen who put their lives on the line daily to protect those of others, and teachers who are inspiring the lives of the generations we are relying on for a brighter future – there are many who change our lives in one way or another due to their own courage and sacrifice, let them know that it is truly appreciated.
  • Take the time to write a letter to an amazing person in your life, letting them know exactly why you think they are so awesome – it’s just time, and it will never be forgotten!
  • Sing, dance or read for the elderly and for those stuck in hospital wards, it will add such light to their day and to your own heart.

These are just a few very basic, simple ideas that will take your actions and turn them into expressions of love. With a little imagination, there is no doubt that you could come up with a lot more that would contribute to the lives of those around you in sheer simplicity.

A really wild idea to truly make May the Month of Love, will be to plan a family getaway that will take you all into the magical world of a cottage at the edge of the forest in Knysna, or surprise your loved one with a romantic break away from the madding crowd.

If, as Voltaire wrote; “Love is the canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination”, then the award-winning Self Catering Forest Cottages at Forest Edge in Knysna will be the perfect canvas on which to paint your own expression of love for your family, lover or friends who desperately need a special holiday!

Against the backdrop of the Knysna Forest, you have the space for peaceful interludes, interspersed with any of the many activities in Knysna that make this corner of the Garden Route a dream holiday for everyone, from every corner of the world!

Its daring, it’s bold and it’s brave, but do it anyway, make that booking and surprise family, friends or lovers with an adventure that speaks volumes as an act of love that is totally unexpected in the month of May!

For the romantics heading into the forest during the various events, there are a myriad of moments just waiting to be made; from breakfast and dinner on the picturesque Lily Pond Deck, a warm, cosy cottage that begs for a glass of wine around the crackling indoor fireplace, lazing in a hammock, picnics at beautiful Jubilee creek, or, if you feel the need to completely relax and indulge, an in-cottage Couples Massage in the forest!

No matter how you choose to spread the light of love throughout the month of May, whether it is in small random acts of kindness or in unexpected breakaways for loved ones, the positive effects will be lasting, and this world can definitely do with more of the light that is generated by love!

“Where there is love there is life” in the words of Mahatma Gandhi; make the month of May truly memorable with life-giving love in all its forms!

Danie and Amanda, owners of Forest Edge, look forward to welcoming you into their world of comfort, cosiness and privacy! Contact them today!

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