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May 5, 2018
Jaguar Simola Hillclimb Speed and Fun 3 - 6 May 2018.

Jaguar Simola Hillclimb Speed and Fun 3 – 6 May 2018.

Seriously, a hot-blooded, piston-pumping motorsport event in the heart of peaceful artsy Knysna?  

As hard as it may be to reconcile a high-speed motorsport event like this with the forests that are home to the Elephant Sanctuary, river estuaries that spawn the Knysna Seahorse and an ocean that is home to the Great White Shark, it’s true!

Knysna has become a hotspot for this premier motorsport event in South Africa, an event that started out very small in 2009 with the first ever Jaguar Simola Hillclimb and has rapidly grown expanded into a three day event that turns Knysna into an exciting corner of the world for motorsport enthusiasts of all ages!

This years 2018 event is no different from 3rd to 6 May 2018 Jaguar will host the ninth event of the ultimate Hillclimb experience in Knysna South Africa.

The Jaguar Simola Hillclimb is the perfect mixture of speed and fun for the whole family, and has featured racing greats such as Robbi Smith, Ian Schecter, Sarel van der Merwe and Franco Scribante as they show off their talents in the finest cars racing to the finish line!

If you haven’t already booked your accommodation in Knysna at Forest Edge, you are going to find it pretty tough going to find a place to lay your head at the end of each day filled with fun and speed!

A lot of this has to do with the devastating fires experienced in Knysna in 2017, shrinking the accommodation available in 2018, not that this is going to dampen the numbers of spectators and motorsport enthusiasts that will be lining the track along the Jaguar Simola Hillclimb!

After a day spent rubbing shoulders with some of the country’s top drivers, celebrities and sports stars, and filling up on a huge variety of munchies and drinks, soft or hardtack, settling down to a peaceful night in a beautiful Self Catering Forest Cottage at Forest Edge is going to be sheer heaven!

Whether you are going as a family, kids and all, a couple or a group of buddies, the exhibitions, cars, helicopter rides and plenty of safe space for kiddy-play offer a weekend of speed and fun in Knysna for everyone not to be missed.

Visitors from around the globe descend on Knysna for this event, which is well on its way to becoming an internationally recognised event on the motorsport calendar, transforming the chilled, laid-back atmosphere of the scenic Garden Route into an explosion of roaring engines and high-powered fun for all.

Your home away from home in a Self-Catering Forest Cottage at Forest Edge during this event offers everything you could possibly need to take a breather, have a braai and enjoy breakfast or dinner at the Lily Pond Deck.

This is your time to snuggle up and generally just chill at the edge of the forest in your own award-winning forest cottage, before heading out for the next leg on the events calendar lined up for the Jaguar Simola Hillclimb.

Besides the excitement of the speed and fun of this motorsport event, there is a world of wildlife, flora and fauna to be explored virtually on your doorstep, so you may want to extend your stay to make sure you enjoy not only the adrenalin of this event, but the legendary natural beauty surrounding this magical spot along the Garden Route.

The Simola Hillclimb is sponsored by Jaguar, hence the name, and, although there are no Jaguars lurking in the forests, you may just be lucky enough to catch the spoor of the rarely seen Leopard that has survived against all odds in this area!

There is no shortage of things to do in Knysna, and when you package all of the many attractions in and around this magical town together, it’s almost a certainty that if it’s the Jaguar Simola Hillclimb speed and fun weekend that lures you to these shores, it will be the beginning of a love affair with Knysna that will bring you back again and again! Contact us for more information and bookings 

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