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Knysna Pet Friendly Cottages: Forest Edge Pet Policy

We understand the needs of responsible pet owners who travel with their companion dogs, looking for pet friendly accommodation, Garden Route and we offer ONE pet friendly cottage with a garden enclosure.

FairyDen cottage has AN ENCLOSED GARDEN AREA for your pets to enjoy playing or lying in the sun while you laze in the hammock without having to worry about them haring off. With wildlife occasionally visiting the property, however, it is not suitable to leave your dogs unattended in this pet enclosure, so we really cater for owners who take their dog/s with them wherever they go.

Our pet hospitality has sadly been abused in the past. Rather than scrapping the pet friendly option, we devised a policy to still accommodate at least a segment of responsible pet owners (who tend to agree with the policy anyway). We have a duty to protect ourselves and other guests against harassment, loss, injury. When you check out, honeymooners with pet allergies who painstakingly paid off their honeymoon may check into your cottage - they also have the right to a good stay. Please read the policy in this light.

In the interest of all guests, this pet policy (updated October 2013) will apply to all pet visits:
  • Our pet friendly cottage is available by prior arrangement only. Standard cancellation terms will apply if guests who did not make pre-arrangement are turned away.
  • We accept 1-2 SMALL-MEDIUM dogs (max 50cm at the shoulder).
  • We accept only short-haired breeds, or dogs groomed to be short-haired on arrival (#2 cut max).
  • Costs. A surcharge of R100 per pet per night is levied. A breakages deposit of R500 is payable upfront and will be refunded to your bank account within 5 working days of departure after any unusual or additional cleaning/replacement costs have been deducted.
  • Pets should be on a leash when outside the pet friendly cottage and garden enclosure, for the protection and peace of our staff, other guests, pet donkeys/chickens or other life on the property.
  • Incessant uncontrolled barking will not be permitted - you are there to restrain and control them.
  • Use pets' own bowls (we provide large bowls too). Cottage crockery, pots etc are off-limits.
  • Pets are NOT allowed on the furniture or in beds - bring your pet's own bedding (and covers for furniture if you want to make 100% sure). Pets will be subject to removal (see last point) should more than a little incidental hairs or dirt be evident on furniture.
  • Pets must eliminate outside the cottage; use poop-scooper provided and empty in the toilet.
  • Pets must arrive bathed and treated with "Frontline" or similar preventative measure before arrival; also in their own interest as there is a cattle farm on our Southern border.
  • Pet access to Sanparks forest is under Sanparks' control.
  • Guests may not leave a pet alone in the cottage or enclosure and we can't “dog-sit” for you.
  • Pets will be safe from any visiting baboons or other wild life if the above are adhered to.
  • Forest Edge will in no way assume liability for any loss, injury or damage of whatsoever nature - this extends to pets on the premises (see Terms & Conditions). Owners are responsible for pets' safety
  • Forest Edge retains the right to refuse any specific pet requests.
  • A pet booking is only confirmed once this form has been signed, dated & returned to Forest Edge. The booking remains subject to our standard cancellation terms!
  • During booking, select 'pet surcharge' nights under extras, e.g. 2 pets for 3 nights = 6 pet nights.
  • Pets are subject to an enforced pet removal should any part of this policy be contravened during the stay. Any incident resulting in preventable harassment, damage or injury from pets, requires such pet/s to be removed from Forest Edge premises with immediate effect and the guest/s will forfeit any payments made to Forest Edge, should they decide to leave as a result.

Download Pet Policy (PDF format) to complete, sign and return to us

If you dislike our policy, you will surely find alternative pet friendly accommodation. Also, for those with large or long-haired dogs or who find our policy restrictive, there is a:

Great kennel 10 minutes from Forest Edge: Shepherds Glen Kennel on 044-3860135

They are very reasonable (cheaper that our per dog rate!) but book in advance (months in advance for peak seasons); they have a minimum stay requirement and will ONLY take pets with up-to-date innoculation certificates upon arrival.

Please understand: given our right to choose who we welcome does not mean we will allow your dog to chew our couches or kill our chickens! Responsible animal lovers looking for Garden Route pet friendly accommodation in Knysna need look no further... you are most welcome!
Controlled dogs can have a ball at many places in Knysna and there are also some pet friendly restaurants, beaches and swimming spots.
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Our pet friendly cottage offers a pet enclosure for your peace of mind.
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We own Rhodesian Ridgebacks.
We LOVE our dogs. We RESTRAIN them.
We CONTROL their barking.
We keep them clean, treated, disciplined,
exercised and off our furniture.
We CLEAN UP after them.
Like all responsible pet owners, we are bound
by KUSA's S9 Code of Ethics relating to
"responsible dog ownership",
which stipulates these things amongst others.

Please adhere to bylaws on beaches.
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