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Sadly, we are no longer Pet Friendly

When our pet hospitality was abused in the past, rather than scrapping the pet friendly option, we devised a policy to try and still accommodate at least a segment of responsible pet owners (who tended to agree with the policy anyway).

Yet, we continued to suffer gross abuse and/or unreasonable expectations (e.g. guests deeming our mats, pillows and mattrasses suitable for house-training puppies on; or guests locking two fully grown frustrated German Shepherds in the bathroom while they go boating all day!)

So, sadly, in the interest of our business sustainability, sanity and the comfort of all other guests,
we no longer accept pets, effective 21 June 2015

To our wonderful regulars who have visited us with pets without any such abuse for many years already, please contact us to discuss your future needs on an individual basis.

For those with pets who'd still like to come enjoy Forest Edge, there is a:

Great kennel 10 minutes from Forest Edge: Shepherds Glen Kennel on 044-38601355

They are very reasonable but book in advance (months in advance for peak seasons); they have a minimum stay requirement and will ONLY take pets with up-to-date innoculation certificates upon arrival.

Please understand that we have a right to choose who to welcome to our peaceful little spot.
Knysna pet friendly accommodation, dog friendly accommodation

We own pets too & travel with them.
We LOVE our dogs. We RESTRAIN them.
We CONTROL their barking.
We keep them clean, treated, disciplined,
exercised and off our furniture.
We CLEAN UP after them.
Like all responsible pet owners, we are bound
by KUSA's S9 Code of Ethics relating to
"responsible dog ownership",
which stipulates these things amongst others.

Sadly, all pet owners are not equal   : - (