Forest Edge - Nature-lovers' Retreat

Luxury Cottages, Edge of the Knysna Forest, Garden Route
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Forest Edge Nature-lovers Retreat
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Fun Forest Edge Anonymous Quiz - are we suitable for you??

It is important to you (and to us!) to know that Forest Edge Nature-lovers' Retreat is right for you. Our tongue-in-cheek quiz may help...

With so many options from the very cheap to the exorbitant, it is difficult to know whether a specific destination will suit your unique needs. If privacy is your top priority, are you willing to pay a little more for a stand-alone cottage? Is budget your absolute limitation and you would rather do without extras to just have a bed? Do you enjoy being spoilt with little surprises? Everyone is different. Hence this quiz we created for you in Aug 2012 and we welcome your feedback as we keep refining it. Note: this quiz reflects different travel approaches rather than specific options.

This is an ANONYMOUS quiz of only 12 questions. For accurate scoring, please answer them all and tick the option most true for you. HAVE FUN!!

Q01: What is your approach to holiday activities?
Daily outings to the beach, the forest, Monkeyland, Elephant Park, Oudtshoorn, Canopy Tours etc
Combination of lounging around and going out exploring the attractions
Curling up in the hammock or in front of a log fire
We are too hung over from clubbing to do anything else
Q02: When last did you take a break (at least 3 nights) to recharge your batteries?
Within the last 6 months
More than 6 months ago
A break? Whats that?
Q03: Do you usually feel better after having spent time in nature (e.g. a walk, a picnic, cycling, fishing, a game drive, flying a kite etc)?
No. I don't spend any time in nature / I don't feel better / I don't have a pulse.
Q04: Do you know what it means to be 'self-catering'
No. This is not a joke
Q05: What influences your travel plans the most?
Good value for money - I want the best possible service and comfort that can be offered at reasonable cost
Pay a little more - I can relax if its star-graded or AA-QA'ed so I'll get clean, comfortable accommodation, a unique experience & good service
Budget Getaways - I will look for the cheapest possible option, even if noisier, smaller, less private or not so well-equipped
Dirt cheap - Everything is too expensive, when I travel, the 'dirt' in dirt cheap becomes apparent
Five-star only - I want to be treated like a king/queen 24 hours a day, no matter what it costs
No travel plans - I go on the spur of the moment where the wind blows me / I am like Jack Reacher
Q06: What are your location preferences?
Cities, waterfronts, busy tourist spots
Away from the noisiest areas but in quick reach of amenities
Quieter areas on the outskirts as long as I will feel safe
The hidden, private gems off the beaten track and away from noise and traffic
Places one has to be flown into, like Alaska or Mars
Q07: Which of the following describes your idea of Nature best?
I live 'green' to some extent, enjoy visiting game parks and I abhor the senseless killing of rhinos and vultures
I have a bird-friendly garden and enjoy spending time in the fresh outdoor air
I often watch NatGeo Wild and enjoy watching birds and animals even though I do not feel the need to know everything's name
Nature astounds me: bats naturally keeping mosquito numbers down, the co-evolution of bees and flowers, wild leopard surviving in the Garden Route!
I love leopard-print and I just adore Bambi.
I vote for a global fumigation of all insects and reptiles!
Q08: How attached are you to the basic comforts of life (power / water / tv)?
We'll benefit from playing some cards by oil lamp on occasion, or wine by candle-light - quality time!
Amenities should be 100% available and I lobby my mayor immediately if anything goes down at home
A hospitality establishment should have tv / dvd & back-up facilities (or some alternatives) for unforseen outages
Can I pay you to cut the power to our cottage during the rugby? Its our romantic weekend away...
Q09: What is your idea of privacy while on holiday?
Guesthouse-style - regular contact with the proprietor so that one feels part of the household
Safari-style - being chatted to and entertained with colourful tales and pointers all the time
My own space - I will go to reception or seek out the proprietor for info or local stories, when I want to
Minimum interference - I go on holiday to rest or get away from people
Please NO reception cctv while my um.. spouse.. and I check in
Q10: What are your work / internet connectivity needs while on holiday?
Wifi - I have to work most or all of the time
Cellphone/dongle - as long as there is network coverage as I tend to connect occasionally
An internet point or Internet Cafe - for when there is something urgent
None - no real need for internet connectivity while on holiday
Q11: How do you feel about the 'extras'?
Pay an inclusive price - linen, towels, consumables, creature comforts (e.g. electric blankets and servicing) are provided.
Pay less & sacrifice the extras - I'll bring my own towels, consumables, hair dryer & do without servicing, electric blankets, braai grid, etc.
Pay less AND get all the extras - establishments make far too much profit anyway
Q12: Which of the following gives you the most delicious flutter of anticipation?
Sinking into a steaming hot, fragrant victorian bath, with absolutely nothing that needs doing....
Reminiscing about forest elephants around the flickering braai; nightjars calling, fireflies twinkling
Exploring Yellowwoods & Loeries on an invigorating forest walk, earthy leaf litter underfoot, soul-soaring...
Mellowing with sundowners on the veranda; the forest settles down as the frogs and stars warm up
Warming down after an energising run or mountainbike ride in a soothing hot outdoor shower, droplets striking skin
Lazing in the hammock overlooking the sleepy forest, with a book or binocs to bird-watch, occasionally nodding off...
Curling up in front of a cosy log fire with a favourite book or dvd, or making memories with your loved ones
Melting under the skillful hands of a professional masseuse in the privacy of your cottage or under the trees
ALL of the above, how can I choose only one!
NONE of this - all boring...
If you felt any questions were inappropriate or not representative of your views, please do contact us.