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Knysna Tree List

Forest Edge Flora & Knysna / Garden Route Tree List

Trees of the Garden Route – One of the less common reasons people decide to visit Forest Edge is the unique opportunity to spot indigenous trees, not only the forest giants, but the special kinds of pioneer trees and shrubs often found at the forest’s edge. Although not always easy to identify as the leaves, seeds and fruits of some trees are high, it offers unparalled variety and is rewarding for the dedicated treespotter.

As one of our guests wrote about Forest Edge “as you slow slow to its rhythm and the beat of its hospitable heart” you will increasingly attune and identify more. From the giant almost 900-year old yellowwood Big Tree at the Dalene Matthee Memorial nearby, to the sexy “Bosvlier” with its bridal veil in Spring, the wild pomegranate, monkeynut, right through to the abundance of bracken and arum lilies that grace the moist forest edges. Ironwoods that “bleed” black, another’s tree trunk mysteriously cold as a fridge, insect-eaters, a variety of fungi to decorate the decay of yesteryear’s growth. Many trees with ancient healing applications, others alive with exotic story. Trees of Life all around. We cannot possibly discuss all we see here around us, but this should give you an idea of what even the amateur treespotter will be able to identify, moreso as some of the more common trees are marked on the Forest Edge eco-trail. We never cease to be charmed by the abundant and magical gifts of the forest. Bring your binoculars, walking shoes and treespotters guide, and explore to your heart’s content on a Forest Walk or around your cottage…

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Please see a few of the photos of trees and other plants taken at or near Forest Edge below, before and after the actual Tree List. Guest photos are acknowledged in the hover-over.

Knysna Self Catering Accommodation
Knysna Self Catering Accommodation
Knysna Self Catering Accommodation




Botanical name

2 Tree Fern Bosboomvaring Cyathea capensis
16 Outeniqua Yellowwood Kalander Podocarpus falcatus
18 Real Yellowwood Opregtegeelhout Podocarpus latifolius
32 Wild Banana Wildepiesang Strelitzia alba
38 Mountain Waxberry Bergwasbessie Myrica serrata
39 White Stinkwood Witstinkhout Celtis africana
50 Wild Fig Wildevyeboom Ficus Capensis
74 Terblans Terblans Faurea macnaughtonii
118 Stinkwood Stinkhout Occotea bullata
139 White Cape Beech Witboekenhout Pittosporum viridiflorum
140 Red Alder Rooi-els Cunonia capensis
141 White Alder Witels Platylophus trifoliatus
142 Witch-hazel Onderbos Trichocladus crinitus
147 Red Stinkwood Rooistinkhout Prunus africana
221 Keurboom Keurboom Virgilia oroboides
254 Knobwood Perdepram Fagara davyi
256 Cape Chestnut Wildekastaiing Calodendrum capense
261 White Ironwood Witysterhout Vepris undulata
298 Cape Ash Essenhout Ekebergia capensis
380 Red Currant Bostaaibos Rhus chirindensis
397 Cape Holly Without Ilex mitis
398 Silky Bark Sybas Maytenus acuminata
399 Spike Thorn Pendoring Maytenus heterophylla
401 Indigenous Blackwood Inheemseswarthout Maytenus peduncularis
409 Candle Wood Kershout Pterocelastrus tricuspidatus
410 Cape Cherry Koeboebessie Cassine aethiopica
414 Bastard Saffron Bastersaffraan Cassine perugua
415 Saffron Saffraan Eleaodendron croceum
422 White Pear Witpeer Apodytes dimidiata
452 Dogwood Blinkblaar Rhamnus prinoides
457 Stock Rose Stokroos Sparrmannia africana
463 Dewberry Kruisbessie Grewia occidentalis
479 Cape Plane Rooihout Ochna arborea
494 Wild Peach Wildeperske Kiggelaria africana
496 Red Pear Rooipeer Scolopia mundii
498 Thorn Pear Wolwedoring Scolopia zeyheri
503 Wild Mulberry Wildemoerbei Trimeria grandiflora
513 Hard Pear Hardepeer Olinia ventosa
520 Gonna Gonnabos Passerina falcifolia
570 Assegai Assegaai Curtisia dentata
578 Cape Beech Boekenhout Rapanea melanophloeos
579 Milkwood Melkhout Sideroxylon inerme
603 Monkey Plum Tolbos Diospyros dichrophylla
611 Forest Monkey Plum Bostolbos Diospyros whyteana
615 Ornate-leaved Ironwood Fynblaarysterhout Chionunthus foveoluta
617 Wild Olive Swartolienhout Olea capensis
618 Bastard Ironwood Basterysterhout Olea capensis subsp. capensis
618.2 Ironwood Ysterhout Olea capensis subsp. macrocarpa
634 Wild Elder Bosvlier Nuxia floribunda
636 False Olive Witolienhout Buddleia saligna
637 Wild Sage Wildesalie Buddleia salviifolia
639 Poison Bush Gifboom Acokanthera oppositifolia
640.3 Forest Num-num Bosnoemnoem Carissa bispinosa
641 Kamassi Kamassie Gonioma kamassi
670 Tree Fuchsia Notsung Halleria lucida
688 Wild Pomegranate Wildegranaat Burchellia bubalina
693 Wild Gardenia Wildekatjiepiering Rothmannia capensis
708 Turkey-berry Bokdrol Canthium inerme
710 Rock Alder Klipels Canthium mundianum
711 Quar Kwar Psydrax obovata
733 Camphor Bush Saliehout Tarconanthus camphoratus
736.2 Bush-tick Berry Bietou Chrysanthemoides monilifera

This official list was obtained from Sanparks in Knysna; please let us know if you spot any errors or ommissions and we’ll let them know.

Knysna Self Catering Accommodation
Knysna Self Catering Accommodation
Knysna Self Catering Accommodation

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